Acne Treatment

While topical and oral medications have been commonly used to treat pesky adult acne, laser treatments have been taking the skincare industry by storm in recent years. If you’re struggling with adult acne, are laser treatments the solution you’ve been waiting for? AOL Lifestyle spoke with New York City dermatologist Dr. Estee Williams to find out everything you need to know about IPL (intense pulse light) laser treatments.  Crystal Visions has the freedom to change the laser settings based on what our clients skincare concerns are.  For acne treatment, we target acne on the face along with fresh acne scars from previous breakouts. We have a special acne filter that has been shown to reduce bacterial counts.  Our, Lumenis M22’s special setting targets acne and is what makes it so special. Given the rise of adult acne as a skincare concern among millennials, it truly is a game-changer. Our laser takes only a few quick zaps! But how long does it take for people to see results? Acne gets better with a series of treatments, (often combined with medical therapy), in addition, sunspots get darker and literally flake off over 7-19 days.


How do you know if you’re a perfect candidate? IPL laser treatments are especially good for reducing acne or complexion brightening.

Clients in the moderate to light dark skin types can be treated for acne with our IPL technology.  As with every laser procedure, there are contraindications that would defer this type of treatment for some clients, such as clients with who have recently had significant sun exposure within the previous two weeks prior to treatment, those with active cystic acne or severe acne or skin allergies or those clients with photosensitive epilepsy or are pregnant / nursing.

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Acne Treatment